Anupriya Acharya, Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe for South Asia

- Anupriya Acharya,
Chief Executive Officer - South Asia

“At Publicis, our commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. We are driven by a shared passion for delivering high-quality services that meet the evolving needs of our customers. With a focus on customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships, we strive to exceed your expectations at every touchpoint.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers for their steadfast support. We are committed to earning your continued loyalty through our relentless pursuit of excellence. Thank you for visiting our website and for being a part of our journey. I invite you to explore our offerings, learn more about our company, and connect with us. Together, let’s embrace a future filled with possibilities and embark on a remarkable partnership.”

- Anupriya Acharya,
Chief Executive Officer - South Asia

Our Core Value

Viva la DIFFERENCE Logo2

At Publicis, our core value is ‘Viva La Difference.’

We celebrate difference because it makes us better, stronger and braver, creating a more inclusive future for everyone. Every December, we hold seminars and events to reinforce this message, celebrate our incredible achievements, and prepare for the new year ahead.

With a work culture that is people-first and celebrates difference and individuality, this helps us intuitively understand more and do more for our people, clients, and our audience. It also helps us build a more inclusive culture. Home to a leading global portfolio of creative, media, data and digital transformation brands, Publicis Groupe’s organisation and culture are structured around our clients. Our Power of One model allows for our clients to access the best talent and capabilities without the restraints of geography or a network brand.

Our Commitment

Every day, our people bring their individuality, energy, ideas and passion to Publicis Groupe. It’s what drives our business forward. We recognise that their commitment to us is invaluable and so in return, we provide an equal commitment to them, - connecting people with opportunities. We deliver on our commitment through these six pillars.

Positive Workplace

Positive Workplace

As work becomes more hybrid and more a part of our lives like never before, it’s important that our people can experience work and the workplace in a way that adds true value to their lives, whilst also having an on-going chance to share feedback on their experiences.

  • Marcel

    Our AI and machine learning -powered online platform that connects and empowers the company’s employees

    Moments that matter

    Gain concrete and consolidated global intelligence on our employee experience through Moments that Matter

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    While fostering a work environment that is inclusive of all talent is a collective responsibility, it is leadership’s job to nurture the career aspirations and goals of all our talent. Publicis Groupe works very hard to champion diversity and will continue to insist that each agency’s leadership be champions of both diversity and inclusion

  • Work Your World

    Work upto six weeks a year overseas

    PG Springboard

    Our centralized onboarding program, giving everyone a flavour of the Power of One and the Publicis Groupe overall

Meaningful Work

Meaningful Work

People need to be empowered to be autonomous at work and inspired through day-to-day opportunities and experiences relating to their work and beyond.​

GIGS(representing short term projects in Publicis Groupe)

Use your time to take on short term projects assignments that you are passionate about, and get an opportunity to build network within the Groupe, outside of your region, market, country to work on world class work

JOBS Logo(representing job opportunities in Publicis Groupe)

Employees have an access to a vast pool of open job opportunities across the world. We always have exciting opportunities to offer to our inhouse talent

Growth Opportunity

Growth Opportunity

Our people are never not growing, and we supercharged the possibilities of growth for our people when we introduced Power of One, which allowed us to expand the day-to-day opportunity available for our people, reduce our silos and swim lanes and come together as a truly connected global company

Growth Dashboard

Growth Dashboard

Personalised recommendations for growth and learning Easy access to goal setting and connection to manager Designed to put you in the driver seat of your growth journey

Pub Academy Logo

Pub Academy

It is our Groupe Monthly Learning Calendar to enable continuous learning and skill / capability development across organisation through a series of curated experiential programs (behavioral / functional)

Personal Success

Personal Success

People care about their own success and how they can be the best they can be. Authentic, transparent leadership, supporting a strong culture of feedback, is at the core of Publicis Groupe and we believe everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from it and learn to embody the very nature of it. ​​

  • Career Conversations Logo

    Our employee centric performance management platform, wherein we have OKR/WrapUps for Managers and Catchups/Wrapups for Individual contributors


    Our global program for an advanced Management learning journey focused on inspiring and expanding the skills of our leaders within the New and evolving World of Work

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    Our goal is to make sure that our work is transparent and accountable. We promise to evaluate our strategic goals and policies on a regular basis and track our success therein. Our policies are employee friendly and includes year-end leave, miscarriage leave, bereavement leave, IVF coverage, maternity/paternity leave as well as employee and parental mediclaim coverage

Trust in the organisation

Trust in the organisation

Beyond the day job(s) and work, Publicis Groupe has always looked to shape the future and ensure we, ​as a business, are constantly focused on things that matter not just to us, but society. ​

  • Viva Technology Logo

    The annual Viva Technology conference hosted by Publicis Groupe brings together the world’s brightest innovators and well-known leaders igniting positive change in business, culture, and society

    #WorkingWithCancer Pledge Logo

    We stand together and pledge to provide a more supportive, and recovery-forward culture at work for people with cancer

  • Viva la DIFFERENCE Logo1

    We celebrate difference because it makes us better, stronger and braver, creating a more inclusive future for everyone. Every December, we hold seminar events to reinforce this message, celebrate our incredible achievements, and prepare for the new year ahead.

Health and Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing

We acknowledge that improving our health, wellbeing and work life balance is a number one priority in our industry and for us to put our people first.

  • PubFIT Logo

    Our pledge to be the best version of ourselves got strengthened when we saw how fragile the human life is when pandemic hit us. To thrive amidst chaos, we realized that as an organisation we were paramount in enabling our people to get stronger, fitter, healthier. Hence we embarked on PubFit, an initiative focused towards physical & mental wellbeing of our employees

  • Thrive5 Logo

    We have partnered globally with ThriveGlobal; a company that enables individuals and organisations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience with its AI-powered behaviour change technology platform. Thrive programs are hosted on Marcel and are centred on overall wellbeing, relationships, and resilience.

  • 1to1help Logo

    Employee Assistance Program aims at providing host of emotional & mental wellbeing solutions, from 1-0-1 counselling on topics ranging from performance , relationships, finances, legal etc. to online portal with specialized content to support wellbeing.